Sunday, March 11, 2007

Heroes Equivalents

The powers that the people in Heroes possess are not that unusual. I saw this questioned in a comic book forum and came up this list:

Claire - (healing) Wolverine before the claws
Sylar - (killing people and taking their power)
Peter Petrelli (duplicates powers) - Duplicate Boy (from LoSH - the Legion of Superheroes)
Nathan Petrelli (flight) - Angel
"Claude" (The invisble man)- Invisible Kid (LoSH)
Parkman (telepath, surface thoughts only) - Saturn Girl (LoSH)
Nikki Sanders (super strength/split personality) - Ms Marvel had a split personality for a while with only one personality having super powers
Issac Mendez (paints the future) - Dream Girl? (LoSH)
Ted (Radioactive Dude)- Radioactive Man (Thor villain)
D.L. Hawkins (phase through objects) - Shadowcat, Phantom Girl (LoSH)
Candice Wilmer (shape-shifter) - Chameleon Boy (LoSH)
The Haitian (steals memories, blocks telepaths) - Professor X
Eden McCain (command voice) - The Purple Man
Claire's biological mother (flames) - Fire Lad (LoSH)

Here are the people I can't place:
Hiro (manipulates time and space) -
Micah Sanders (cyber kninetic)-
Hanna Gittleman (Wireless Girl)-

Angela Petrelli (no known powers but may dream about the future) - Dream Girl (LoSH)
Kaito Nakamura - No known powers but related to a hero
Kimiko Nakamura - No known powers related to a hero

Ando-No known powers
Horn Rims Glasses Guy- No known powers
Mohinder - No known powers
Mr.Linderman- No known powers

Notice how many have their closest equivalents in the LoSH. This group tended to have single powers. With a huge cast, they came up with lots of individual powers. Also, like Heroes, few of the LoSH member were very effective on their own. It was the combination of powers that made it interesting.

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