Thursday, March 22, 2007

Father Issues

Let's see if I can remember all of the characters in Lost with father issues starting with the mildest.

  • Walt - Didn't know his father (Michael) until shortly before hey crashed on the island. Often thinks that his father is overbearing. Michael often acts overprotective and jealous of Walt spending time with anyone else.
  • Hurley - resents that his father disappeared for 17 years.
  • Alex - thinks that her father (Ben) is manipulative. Also, he sent her boyfriend to some sort of conditioning program.
  • Claire - She thought that her father died when she was a child until he appeared after her mother was in an accident. He wanted her to pull the plug. She told him to go away and didn't even find out his name.
  • Sun and Jin - issues with her father disapproving of her marrying someone beneath her.
  • Desmond and Penny - same problem as with Sun and Jin except Penny's father is not willing to make something of Desmond.
  • Jack - argued with his father a lot. Jack turned in his father for doing surgery while intoxicated.
  • Sawyer - his father killed his wife and himself while Sawyer was hiding nearby.
  • Kate - When she learned that he mother's second husband was her father she blew him up.
  • Locke - His father coned him out of a kidney. Later Locke's father faked his own death as part of a con. Locke's involvement in this lost him his lover. Finally, his fatehr tried to kill him by pushing him through an 8th floor window. Locke spent four years in a wheelchair because of this.
To cap this off:
  • Claire and Jack have the same father and don't know it. His body is still somewhere on the island.
  • Locke's father is being held by the Others. Want to bet that he turns out to be the guy that Sawyer has been looking for for 30 years?
And a few mother issues:
Boone and Shannon - didn't get along with Shannon's step-mother.
Anna-Lucia - lived in her mother's shadow in the police force.
Claire - she wished that her mother was dead and a moment later mom was in a coma.

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