Sunday, June 26, 2005


It could have been better. It could have been a lot worse.

(Spoiler) I sort of understand how Aunt Clara was conjured up to solve things but I don't understand who conjured up Uncle Arthur? I wonder if something got cut that would have explained this?

They recreated bits from the TV show. Just to be certain that you got it, they showed clips of the scenes.

They kind of ignored the show past the first season. It's just as well. The first season was about Samantha trying to blend in. Sometimes she failed. Sometimes she felt that she had to help people. Episodes were warm-hearted and you often felt that she was too god for Darrin. Later episodes revolved around witchcraft going wrong and the show lost a lot of its warmth. By the end it was playing against All in the Family. The plots were recycled from earlier seasons, sometimes line for line. The show seemed dated - early 60s optimism in an early 70s downbeat world.

Plus, I never liked Darrin II.

Anyway, Kidman captures a lot of the innocence that made Samantha so likable.

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