Friday, July 06, 2012

Mulan and the Princesses

My daughter pointed out that, unlike other Disney princesses, Mulan has both parents. Since the plot centers around her trying to bring honor to her father, I forgot about the mother.

The funny thing here is that Mulan may be marketed as an official Disney princess, she is not a princess. She is the daughter of a noble. She doesn't even become a princess by marriage. So she doesn't break the mold by having both parents.

An irony here is that Mulan is the closest of the Disney princesses to Brave's Merida. Both are tom-boys and at the beginning of both movies the girl is tidied up and stuffed into an uncomfortable dress in order to impress potential suitors. Both of them have trouble with a stray hair, also. Both of them are also accomplished warriors with their own warhorses.

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