Friday, February 11, 2011


I do not normally like TV reality shows. They are formulaic and manipulative. I am making an exception for SyFY's Face-Off. This is a contest for make-up artists. All of the contestants are experienced professionals on a regional level. The judges are top of the field pros who have won Emmys and Oscars. Even the host who could have been cast on looks alone is the daughter of the guy who was in charge of make-up for Star Trek (TNG on). The challenges are reasonable, also. The contestants are given all of the resources they could ask for and up to three days for their challenges. The constraints they are operating under seem consistent with TV shows.

What I really like are the results. These are really talented people and their best work is better than a lot of what has actually been used on TV.

Being artists, the contestants are a mixed bag of personalities. Sometimes they get along. Sometimes they don't. Usually you can see the projects turn into train wrecks from the start. At its best you can see what goes into a really good special effects costume.

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