Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nokia N800 continued

So, I've had my Nokia N800 for a week and a half. How do I like it now that I've used it more?

In general I'm more impressed than before. Except for a couple of web sites that stream tv shows, it has worked with every web site I've tried. For example, I was able to watch streaming video of a London fire from the BBC.

Movies that I have ripped from.DVD look fairly good. The frame rate is a bit lower than TV -I would guess 20 fps instead if 30- but youu have to look hard to notice it. Very busy shots can look a bit pixalated, for example, a motorcycle jumping a fire with firewoorks going off. Normal scenes look very detailed. This is pretty good when you remember that the screen resolutioned is higher than a TV. YouTube videos always look as good as on a fast pc.

I'm getting used to entering through a stylus. In fact, I'm writing this on the N800.

The N800 is best for casual web browsing which is what I wanted it for. I can have it close at hand in stand-by mode and available at need. The next time I go someplace for a weekend I will probably just take the N800 and leave my laptop home.

Battery life while it is being used could be better - its better than a laptop but nothing like my Sansa View.

There is a growing library lf free software available. Some it is very dated but still fun. You can play Doom or Quake or Monkey Island on it.

Most of the software installs with on click. Removing it is similarly easy. You just select the program through the Control Panel and click the Uninstall button.

There are some things I would like. The stylus is shorter than I care for. Right now I'm using one from an old Palm Pilot which is better.

It would be nice if the media player and PDF viewers had an option to resume. I have some books in PDF and I have to remember what page I was on. The same thing happens if I am watching a movie over more than one day. This is one factor that limits it as a dedicated media player.

The battery meter sucks. The estimated charge constantly changes up and down. For example, when I started this it showed 6 hours of "in use" time left. Now it shows 3 hours. I guarantee I have not used this 3 hours so far today.

Google maps does not work well with the browser. When I bring it up it resizes the map to take up a set portion of the screen which is too small to be useful. This is Google's fault and there is a free mapping utility that uses Google maps so I'm not map-less, but still...

The on screen keypad works better than I expected. It's not as fast as touch typing but I wrote this review with it. If you really want a keyboard you have several options. One is the higher-priced N810. You can also use a bluetooth keyboard or a usb keyboard connected through an OTG (on the go) cable.

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