Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to get your on-line fix

I got a comment asking for the best way to get comics on-line. Good question. I don't have a definite answer, just alternatives.

First, the Kindle doesn't do comic books. It is text-only. The same is true for Sony's reader.

The iPhone has wireless connectivity but it is slow and the display is pretty small. Also, you are still very limited on what you can store internally.

There are some PDAs running a version of Windows. Many of these support WiFi and some support wireless. They still have tiny screens.

If you search around you can get a laptop for the same price as the Kindle and it will have a color display. Most laptops sold now have WiFi.  This also gives you the option of downloading comics from the web for later reading or getting one of the CD-ROM collections. I have the X-Men CDROM. It has each issue in a separate Adobe file, complete with ads and the letters page (old Marvel letters pages were great). This is not the friendliest format but it would take days to read everything. Of course, current comics are not included and only a few titles have been released this way.

If money is no object then get a tablet PC and a wireless card. I have a wireless card for my work PC and response is pretty good.

On the low-end, new PCs are coming out to compete with the One Laptop Per Child. These have a small display but are cheap and durable and come with built-in WiFi.


Anonymous said...

Technically, Sony's reader will do comics, so long as they are black and white. The interface for it may not be ideal (it's slow), but it still works.

Mark said...

Actually the graphics are in 4 shades of gray. A review I saw said that everything looks washed out.