Monday, February 13, 2006


It's been a long time since I posted to this blog. Time to get things rolling again.

Back in November I said that the best picture Oscar wasn't worth following. I was correct. After nine week and constant publicity, Brokeback has taken in around $60 million. It made its production costs back a long time ago but these days movies have to break $100 million to be considered popular. None of the other nominees have done any better. Everyone knows the Brokeback will win big, hardly anyone saw any of the nominees. No one cares. The ratings for the Oscars will be dismal. Jon Stewart will get the blame.

The bright spot is the best animated movie spot. Previously CGI has dominated this award but this year all of the nominees were hand-animated one way or another.

I admit, I goofed when I was making my prediction. I forgot that Howl's Moving Castle was released this year or I would have included it in my nominees. I haven't seen it but I have seen others by the same director. Based on that, I don't think that it should win, mainly because many of the concepts do not translate very well. It may not be multicultural but I think that American awards should go to movies easily understood by American audiences. The contents can be challenging, but not puzzling.

Wallace and Grommet are the favorite based on past performance with Howl coming in second. Both directors have won Oscars before.

I'm still pushing for Corpse Bride. Wallace and Grommet is light-weight and not as funny as it should have been. Corpse Bride dealt with more adult issues - does someone have the right to happiness even if it ruins someone else's happiness and should a woman define herself by marriage? Add in some issues about duty and promises and you have more meat than most live-action movies.

Besides, Corpse Bride just looks better than the others.

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